Me - Dilip Singh, as a professional 
I was born into a Rajput family in the land of the Rajputs, Rajasthan. I was fortunate enough to born in the family of a well-known artist, so my childhood was full of colors and art. With time I found myself inclined more towards the digital colors and the 3D world of CG. 
To earn a living, I started my career as a UI/UX professional and soon stepped into the world of digital marketing. My creative mind was always fired up by the childhood memories and the beauty of nature.  
I was a photographer/artist at heart… I decided to become one…...
Me, As a photographer
Apart from my technical skills in the field of Computer Graphics, I am a very passionate photographer having an in-depth understanding of photography and visual effects.What started as a hobby a few years ago has now turned into a profession.
Photography to me is just not clicking the buttons on a smartphone or a camera. It is the art of capturing and preserving memories. It is showing to the world what they may have missed, it is a portrayal of the inner spirit, of nature, of beauty, of love, of memories, of occasions that come and pass by only to be kept alive in photos.
My expertise includes Business Portraits, Landscapes, Macro, Process Photography, Product Shots, Film Making, Food Photography, Photo Reportage.
For shoots workshops, exhibitions, mentoring please contact me for information.
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